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The d ǒ n g g u ó 懂 App for your company!

We set the focus on the employee


No expensive cultural training, cultural sensitisation of many employees

productivity and team performance

Increase productivity and improve team performance

creating understanding

Reduction of ineffective communication and misunderstandings


Creating understanding, trust, and a sense of belonging

What we do

We support the cultural exchange between employees in a playful way, which, among other things, deepens knowledge about ways of thinking, habits and the working culture. The mutual cultural sensitization and the preparation for cultural peculiarities creates an understanding for each other. This facilitates cooperation and increases productivity.

Why is it important?

The German-Chinese cooperation is increasingly intensified, there are more and more intercultural teams, as companies are merged. However, many companies face cultural challenges that lead to misunderstandings and make collaboration difficult.


The app is individually tailored to the interests of the employees.


Prepare for cultural challenges in an engaging and playful way, combining work and fun!

Corporate culture

Support an innovative and open corporate culture.


Development of interpersonal understanding instead of rigid do's and don’ts


Uncomplicated networking of employees based on common interests.


Communication hurdles are overcome and removed more easily.

Increase your productivity
with better teamwork!

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d ǒ n g g u ó 懂 国 for universities

Join the dongguo community, get to know each others countries and cultures, be prepared for your exchange year, develop China/Germany competences! Understanding countries with local people! Get to know people that share your interests and start playing with them!

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